Call for Papers

AIPR 2005:
Multi-Modal Imaging

Recent technological advances in Multi-Modal Imaging and related fields have resulted in significant progress toward overcoming long-standing limitations in important application areas. The AIPR 2005 Workshop will explore some of these emerging technologies and how they lead to new, successful applications.

Proposed workshop sessions: 1) Multi-Modal Homeland Security Applications, 2) Multi-Sensor Medical Imaging, 3) Inverse Scattering and Imaging, 4) RF-Optical Imaging, 5) Image Fusion Algorithms, and 6) Modeling of Multimodal Imaging Systems.

Cosmos Club, Washington DC
October 19-21, 2005

General Chair - Al Williams

Program Chair - Bob Bonneau

Abstract submission deadline is 31 May 2005.
(Note: plain-text email, to, is the preferred method for submission of abstracts.)
We invite your participation in the conference as a speaker or as an attendee.

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Written papers will be required for accepted works and will be published in the AIPR Proceedings.

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