The AIPR Executive Committee

Chairman: Daniela Moody, Descartes Labs - chair at aipr-workshop dot org 

Deputy Chair:   Murray H. Loew, GWU - deputy at aipr-workshop dot org

Program Chairs: Robert Pless, George Washington University, John Irvine, Draper Laboratories, and Peter Doucette, US Geological Survey - programchair2017 at aipr-workshop dot org

Secretary: Carlos Maraviglia, NRL - sec at aipr-workshop dot org

Treasurer: TBD - treas at aipr-workshop dot org

Local Arrangements: Donald J. Gerson, Gerson Photography - local at aipr-workshop dot org

Publicity: Peter Costianes, AFRL, Emeritus - pub at aipr-workshop dot org

Web Master: Charles J. Cohen, Cybernet - web at aipr-workshop dot org

External Support: John Irvine, Draper Laboratory, Christoph Borel-Donohue, Army Research Laboratory - support at aipr-workshop dot org

Registration Chair: Jeff Kretsch, Raytheon BBN Technologies - reg at aipr-workshop dot org

Proceedings Chair: Franklin Tanner, Raytheon - pro at aipr-workshop dot org

Student Paper Award Chair: Paul Cerkez, DCS Corp. - student at aipr-workshop dot org

For emails above, replace the "at" with "@" and the "dot" with ".". Remove all spaces.


James Aanstoos, Mississippi State University
Eamon Barrett, Lockheed Martin (retired)
Bob Bonneau, AFOSR
Christoph Borel-Donohue, Army Research Laboratory
John Caulfield, Cyan Systems
Paul Cerkez, DCS Corp.
Charles Cohen, Cybernet
Peter Costianes, AFRL, Emeritus
Peter Doucette, US Geological Survey
Donald J. Gerson, Gerson Photography
Neelam Gupta, ARL
Mark Happel, Johns Hopkins University
John Irvine, Draper Laboratory
Steve Israel, Raytheon / ONR
Michael D. Kelly, IKCS
Jeff Kretsch, Raytheon BBN Technologies
Murray H. Loew, GWU
Carlos Maraviglia, NRL
Paul McCarley, AFRL - Eglin AFB
Keith Monson, FBI
Daniela Moody, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Carsten Oertel, Mitre
K. Palaniappan, University of Missouri at Columbia
Mark Pritt, Lockheed Martin
Mike Pusateri, LSI Corporation
Harvey Rhody, RIT
David Schaefer, GMU
Guna Seetharaman, NRL
Alan Schaum, NRL
Franklin Tanner, Raytheon
Karl Walli, USAF, Chantilly, VA

Larry Davis
Robert Haralick
Joan Lurie
Robert Mericsko
William Oliver

J. Michael Selander


In Memoriam: 
Larry Clarke
Michael Horde
Heidi Jacobus
Elmer "Al" Williams